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This is a small sample of images that are zoom-able

Welcome to the ‘No Microscope Needed’ part of Midge and Clegg

Our goal is to make some of our common insects accessible in high resolution. The purpose for doing this is to show how amazing these insects are and hopefully spark curiosity. By also photographing extinct insects we hope to encourage nature conservation and help to provide educational images that allow for better understanding of what we have lost and what we risk losing.

Our photographs are high resolution, often exceeding gigapixel size and can be printed at native resolution in sizes that are measured in metres not milimetres

Did you know that without insects your chocolate habit would be over?

The Cacao tree, from which we get cocoa beans to make chocolate, is almost completely dependant on insect pollination. No insects, no tasty chocolate snacks.

Did you know that there are over 30 species of biting insects we call midges in Scotland?  Scotland’s most voracious predator is in fact made up of many, which probably explains why there are such vast numbers of them. The only ones that ‘bite’ are the females as they need the protein to feed the next generation.

Why Insects?